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Full Astrology Birth Chart Reading

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Full Astrology Birth Chart Reading, Natal Chart Reading, Birth Chart Analysis, Personalized Gift (Birthday Gift, New Years Day Gift) ***AUDIO***

-------♡♡♡ WHAT DO YOU WANT TO KNOW? ♡♡♡-------

Are you an introspective person, or know an introspective person, who would love to understand themselves better? Do you want to dig deeper into the depths of who you are?

It’s all literally written in the stars! Your birth chart is a stylized picture of the heavens when you were born, and is in a way, a holistic image of you.

The position of the planets and stars on the day or night you were born describes a variety of things about you, and a birth chart can be read in endless different ways.

In this comprehensive, 30 min. premium birth chart reading report (AUDIO-Report) you can expect to have some of the following questions answered:

Who am I, really?

What are my unique strengths and how can I unlock my untapped potential?

In what areas of my life will I experience adversity?

What do my relationships look like?

What are my traits and tendencies when it comes to love, work & finances?

What current major transits am I going through/have recently gone through?

Read on for a full explanation of what to expect in your report!

Please note that this report is best suited to those 18+, for those that are younger please refer to the baby & child report.

------♡♡♡ WHY CHOOSE CLARITY BAE? ♡♡♡-----

1. Professional precision.

Premium astrological software combined with years of experience ensures that you have an accurate report.

2. Fast turnaround. Guaranteed.

You will receive your report within 48 hours at the very latest.

3. Beautiful aesthetics & presentation.

Makes for a perfect last minute gift to email or print out.

4. An enjoyable, accessible read.

Astrological concepts & lingo are broken down clearly so anyone can enjoy exploring the depths of their birth chart.

-----♡♡♡ WHAT'S IN THE REPORT? ♡♡♡ ------

One comprehensive 

Exact contents in order:

Beautiful Personalized Cover Page (with your name & year of birth)

- Introduction (how to read the report)

- Your full detailed natal chart

(calculated by premium industry standard astrological software)

Section: Your Aspects

- Sub-section: The Lights: The Sun and Moon

- Sub-section: The Inner Planets: Mercury & Venus

- Sub-section: The External Planets: Mars, Jupiter, Saturn

- Sub-section: The Outer Planets: Uranus, Neptune & Pluto

Section: Your Houses

- Sub-section: 1st Quadrant (Houses 1-3)

- Sub-section: 2nd Quadrant (Houses 4-6)

- Sub-section: 3rd Quadrant (Houses 7-9)

- Sub-section: 4th Quadrant (Houses 10-12)

Section: Your life overview

- Sub-section: Personal Background & Current Situation

- Sub-section: Strengths & Weaknesses

- Sub-section: Your areas of change & growth

- Sub-section: Your patterns

- Sub-section: Your innermost qualities

Section: Your Current Major Transits & Advice

- Transit highlights to be aware of up to 6 months from now

------♡♡♡ HOW TO ORDER ♡♡♡ ------

Write this information in the note to seller box:

1. Recipient's name. (Important as I need to personalize the front cover of the report)

2. Date, location (city/town) & time of birth. (Ask mom!)

3. Click submit order!

Example: Ariana Grande, June 26th 1993, Boca Raton FL, 21:16 PM


Please write: "August 7th 1998" instead of "08/07/1998" as I don't know if you are using American or International date conventions.

I look forward to getting your report to you very soon.


Clarity Bae

------♡♡♡ Final Note ♡♡♡ ------

I am legally required to state that all readings for offered for entertainment purposes only. This reading is not to be substituted for medical, psychological, legal, or any other legally recognized professional services.

You will get a PDF (2MB) file

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